It was already 1937 when Technology Museum was founded in Tallinn in Noblessner area and to not to show only history but they had mission to emphasize especially modern machinery.


Article in newspaper Postimees (1886-1944), no. 193, July 21, 1937

“Establishing the Technical Museum in Tallinn

We manage engineering wõistelda wälismaaga

Later into the Tallinn Technical access

Construction of the museum was founded in Tallinn on Tuesday to journalists the Minister of Education explanations W. help Pats. Known that we did not have until now Technical Museum, which would have put out the technical machinery and apparatus. However, at the present time, the equipment will make great progress in my country, it becomes necessary for the establishment of a technical museum. If the Ministry of Education established the Department of professional competence, they were perfectly aware that technical education can not be given without a corresponding musterabinõudeta. Even though we are solving the issue started relatively late start is now made to the museum and equipment assembled stand.

The idea is the bearer of an industrialist, Mr. Tabur, who has supported his initiative amounts to collectively and industrialist Mr. Willems’iga worry about the museum rooms Kopli peninsula, the former Noblessneri factories. The initiative was supported by many of the engineers and industrialists, engineers, etc. Auditors. Has created a museum of association and petitioning the new machines to be deposited in our industry on the side. New machines perform well in the museum wälismaal advertising purposes and are the causes of such equipment a lot of museums. Very important is the creation of a museum Tallinn Technical equipment, in which students can learn there a lot of practice. In the future, if Tehnikainstituudile constructed a new building to be built into a complete equipment for the National Museum of support. The latter would be based on the current foundation of the museum.

New Technology Museum is located at Kopli poolsaarel- Noblessneri in former factories, seaside property, which is leased to the Bank of Estonia’s hand and took up the Russian-built ships during the final reception room. Journalists to tour the founded the museum. Currently, members are only a handful of machines. Both domestically produced siidikudumise Tabur factory machine factory Willems kastivabrikule Seimer tables, etc. Put out is also an interesting historical object Guild-modern vices, its medieval blacksmith’s masterpiece. The museum has allowed machines to a number of companies, Ltd. ecology sukakudumise and lace machines, Laferme by the tobacco industry, machinery, Volta electrical appliances, põllutööministeeriumilt maamõõduriistu, theodolites, leveling apparatus Rotermannilt new valuable diesel engine, TIME by shveisimise Toolkit, Port-Kunda Põlevkivitööstustelt, ETK, kunstsarvetööstustelt other machines .

As Minister for Education meant W. Pats, we often do not Tell, the motherland and the industries doing something that our products are not inferior to foreign ones. We made a good and accurate work. The museum aims to put special emphasis on the new, modern machinery for concern. Hopefully, industrialists, business support, because it is great advertising for them. Also, we have a lot left to oblivion inventor, whose invention would be appropriate for the museum. We would see that our engineering we are able to send a lot of times, and it would raise our national consciousness of Estonian. ”