Man’s endless thirst for adventure has encouraged humanity to reach every corner of the globe. At the same time a man wants to reach ever higher and farther. Space era has provided a new opportunity to explore the world and get closer to the stars.

Today the services that the satellites offer are comfortable and granted that many of us don’t realise how the phone is positioning itself by many satellites that are situated around 30 000 kilometre from earth or that the picture to the TV comes from satellite that is situated even further. And even if the aim of every mission is to provide more comfortable service or to develop the science, it is only the tip of the iceberg. There is an enormous work done by different specialities for satellite to work or to arrive to space.

The exhibition was a joint project between the University of Tartu History Museum and the Tallinn University of Technology Museum. TUT Museum introduced the present day and future visions of the space technologies in our everyday life; TU History Museum concentrated on the past. Together the Estonian footprints in space were traced.