Although it was not so long ago when you could only read newspapers by candlelight and the only way to get warm was to burn firewood, we still cannot imagine a single day without heat and electricity – they have become so natural to us that we are unable to appreciate them in our everyday life.
We know more about electricity now than we did in history but do we really know how much work and sweat has gone into the safe and simple push of a switch that brings light in our rooms?
This exhibition shows you what types of fuel are used in Estonia, how the energy stored in them is converted into the heat and electricity that we need so badly, and how much of it are we using. We demonstrate the significance of the energy industry in giving a country its independence and economic stability, and introduce the people who have led the scientifically complicated process of producing and transporting power and heat. We also take a look into the future with a special emphasis on the sustainability of the country.
The fast development of technology demanded engineers. In order to train them, first the Technical Courses of the Estonian Society of Engineers were established, then the Tallinn College of Engineering, which later became the Tallinn University of Technology and the Faculty of Power Engineering. We explain the options of becoming an engineer, possible career paths and the essence of power engineering.
In this exhibition, the Estonian power industry is put both on a map of Estonia aswell as a timeline. Children will have fun playing an excavator operator and every visitor can take along a piece of the most valuable resource in Estonia – oil shale.