Educational program was based on exhibition “Hodgepodge”. There were 2 different program by agegroups to choose from.

For smaller kids  (until 13 years) there was an excursion in the exhibition. It was conducted in the way of active learning and listening. Teacher was asking leading questions and children were answering. The themes in the program were: the biggest problems in the world according to eating (eating too much and hunger), calories, how much you should eat, why some professions need more energy that usual people, eating habits, meals, tableware (history) and environmental problems. In between, there were fetching and guess-what-is-this type of games.

In the class room every child or children group drew a drawing about future food. It had to concern and improve some environmental problem or other problem that needs to be developed for more comfortable or sustainable eating. Children’s fantasy is endless and the future seems bright according to the drawings!

For older age group there were same themes dealt with but they were learned more independent way. Children formed groups by 4-5 people and they had some leading questions and a room plan. So they needed a little bit orientation and lot of thinking to do. They had 15 minutes to discuss the theme in groups and afterwards they had to present the theme to each other.