In this program we are looking the exhibition “Estonian Energy Industry” to find out how is it possible that we have electricity at home or heating system. We are discussing the whole chain from raw materials to mining to production until consumption. The lecture is held in active method, that the conductor is asking and children are answering and actively listening.


Children discussing home appliances. Which one is consuming electricity the most?

What is Smart house?

But why do we need oilshale?








For manual activity we are making paper circuit behind cards with copper-tape, LEd-diode, battery and paper. Children learn about circuit, conductive materials, + and -, short circuit, open circuit and closed circuit.

There is no age limit in the workshops – adults are also having fun!

The cards exhibition after workshop

Hearty robot











For pre-school we are playing with squishy circuits using salty modelling compound, batteries and wires. Children are modelling a shape using salty modelling compound, then the electricity is conducted to there by wires from batteries and the LED-diode is going to light-up. We are watching thoroughly the battery to find out how the the electricity is formed. Children learn about circuit, when the lights are turning on and off, what happens when the + and – are mixed up.

Christmas tree with light