In the event of Reseacher’s Night 2016 the theme was “Fantasy”.

We carried out the workshop of fantasy-cars for children that had a motor that uses only air pressure to drive. We discussed with children the possibility to use the same kind of power in real life – is it possible or not and why or how can it be done.

Balloon-powered car

Making the car








The cars were made using cardboard as the frame, straws for holding axles. For axles were used the skewers, we had styrofoam wheels and also 1 straw for blowing the balloon. After first tests there were always methods for improving the car. Children learned if the thicker or thinner wheels were more stable, where should the balloon be fixed for the best results, why the axles need to be parallel and some even tried to put more than 1 balloon-motor on the car. It was fun and educative!

Car with 2 “motors”

Family helps the child

Boys testing the car